Our top 10 tips to ensure a smooth move

Donate, sell, or dump any unwanted items before the move.

Moving is a great excuse to purge, and doing this will help to reduce the cost of your move.

Be fully packed before your movers arrive.

The more thorough you pack, the faster we will be.

If needed, make sure you secure parking for all locations.

You can purchase parking permits from the city by calling the SFMTA at 311 or by giving us a call on 415-822-8547.

Painters tape and post it notes work great for labeling.

If you have multiple drop-offs, or some stuff isn't being moved, having it clearly labeled will ensure everything goes to the correct place.

Contact your building's management to see if the elevator or loading dock needs to be reserved.

They may also require a deposit and/or certificate of insurance.

Last on first out.

Tell us which boxes etc that you will need first at your new home and we will make sure to put it on the truck last. That way you will have access to it as soon as we get to your new home.

Pack and emergency / first night box.

Pack yourself a “first night / emergency” box with all your toiletries, medication, work items, some clothes, and anything you’ll need the following morning.

Hire a pet sitter.

Hiring a pet sitter will allow you to be fully focused on the move and it will also be a safer environment for your movers to operate in.

Schedule your move on the same day as street cleaning to avoid buying SFMTA parking permits.

If you're on a budget, disassembling the bed is a great way to save some time.


If we don’t disclose it, then you don’t have to pay it.