Ordering Parking

Securing parking for your move is one of the most important things you can do in order to ensure that your move goes smoothly.

The following explains the options that are available to you when securing parking for your upcoming move.

Order parking permits from the City

This is the most expensive option but it is the one that will guarantee that you have parking for the truck on move day. Here at CareMore Moving & Storage we are more than happy to order the parking permits for you. We charge $50 per location on top of what the City will charge for the permits. (it varies by location) If you would like to order the parking permits yourself please check out https://www.sfmta.com/permits/temporary-signage for a step by step guide. Please keep in mind that the City requires 5 business notice, not counting the day you order or the day you are moving.

Double Park

This option is typically a last resort when it comes to securing parking for your move. Please keep in mind that this is typically not an option if your move is on a bus, bike or trolley car line. If we do need to double park please be aware that if we did receive a ticket that it would be passed on to the customer.

Save spots with you cars

This is a great option to secure parking for your move but we understand it is not always possible to get the right spots as parking is tough in the City. For a typical move we need 3 to 4 car lengths to accommodate the truck and the ramp.

Block garages

This option is something we do on a daily basis. If we do block garages for your move, please keep in mind that we may have to move the truck from time to time to let your neighbors in / out but typically this only takes a few minutes.


If we don’t disclose it, then you don’t have to pay it.